Are you a lingerie woman or an Underwear woman?

Are you a lingerie woman or an Underwear woman?

Let's start by defining what is underwear and what is lingerie.

UNDERWEAR is the general term for all those garments that we use to cover our intimate parts, it is the word that responds directly to its functionality. They are garments made with inputs such as cotton, lycra with much more generic shapes and lasts, that is, they are flatter garments both in their materials and in their textures but they perfectly fulfill the initial function and why they were created ... they are garments that speak "Intention" or "mode of use" are perfect for everyday use, with which you can comfortably carry out any activity. 

On the other hand, we have the term LINGERIE which, on the contrary, bases its designs on "INTENTION" or WAY OF USE "are garments made with lace, mesh, embroidery, among others, that add personality to the garment, with sexy cuts and transparencies, within the lingerie if they find different lines, some a little more daring than others. Among the most daring are harness, bra with transparencies and small thongs on the other hand there is the most conventional lingerie, in this line we find Bodysuit , Bralettes and pantyhose with lace and transparencies Bodysuits, Bralettes and pantyhose with lace and transparencies.


The interesting thing is that the Lingerie in 2020 becomes more and more common and day, being allowed to wear bralettes in your outfit to go to work or to go out at night. You can go from a relaxed outfit to something more sophisticated it all depends on how you use it. On the other hand If you are lucky to find Colombian Lingerie, you will realize that the lace and elastics are so comfortable that you will not hesitate to take off that bodysuit or Bralette. We assure you that you will find comfort and sensuality in a single garment.

Ok, I have to admit that I am a Lingerie Girl, and these are the reasons:

Lingerie lifts your ego every morning when you see yourself in the mirror, and believe me that you will feel sexy all day.
It does not matter that you are seen with your outer clothing, in fact if it is seen it will give you a delicate and at the same time sensual touch
You can use your bralettes or bodysuit as tops.
And last but not least, you will always know what to wear on a special occasion.

Now that you know more about these two groups, which one do you join?

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